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Yomei Corp.
Established: 1966
President : Chien-li, Chen
Capital : USD17,000,000
Certification: ISO-9001:2015

Manufacturer of plastic containers founded in 1966

Yomei Plastic Corp. was founded in Tainan in 1966, mainly manufactured various kinds of plastic containers. In order to fulfill the increasing business requests from customers, we set up the Tamshui and Linko plant (Linko 4th industrial park) in 1986 and 1992. After Linko plant operated, we continuously focus on technical upgrading from auto-manufacturing compound injection, compound extrusion blow molding (in-mold labeling) containers to PET injection stretch-blow molding bottles. We insist to offer best service, high quality and great value added products to our worldwide well-known customers. Furthermore, Yomei Linko plant was certified by ISO-9002 quality assurance in 2000, ISO-9001:2000 in 2003 November and ISO-9001:2008 in 2009 November.




Apart from general PE/PP plastic containers, we also developed the cost-saving and ego-friendly products, such as Taiwan’s first plastic-paper compound detergent powder boxes, which no just meet the environmental concept but also greatly help customer to reduce the costs. As for the PET injection stretch-blow molding bottles which developed in recent years, we use 100% recyclable PET resin material base on ONE-step process in order to achieve the high quality and environment friendly. With more than 49 years of manufacturing experiences in plastic industry and ISO-9001 quality assurance, we continuously upgrade our technology and expanding production facilities, focus on high quality products with most advanced auto-manufacturing process. Yomei focuses on every production details base on customers request in order to meet customers satisfaction and bring the utmost benefit to all customers.





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